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All types of pillow boxes- a comprehensive note on variety

Pillow boxes are getting ascendency in the industry of packaging. People always like to have the boxes which provide the best packaging options. They have different types of products which belong to different industries. These industries have their own products which are different from the rest of the rest of the products of other industries. Each industry needs the divergent methods of preparing the boxes as per the demand of products. People have become much conscious about the products. For instance, the product that belongs to the industry of sports needs different packaging from other product of another industry. The pillow boxes are getting much influence in the lives of people, and they always prefer to have these boxes for the cause of beautification. The pillows are not in one or two shape or types. However, there are multiple types in the pillow boxes. The variety, in fact, fascinates customers. People always like to desire to have the boxes which are available in the market in variety.



There are a number of manufacturing companies in the industry which play their constructive role in preparing the boxes which are not only in multiple shapes but also sizes. The Packaging Blue is among the well-reputed company that provides custom pillow boxes for best economic and marketing cause of customers. Packaging Blue also provides all kinds of pillow shape boxes for best cause of customers.


Variety is always sources of attraction and dedication


There is a variety in the provision of the pillow boxes for best cause of customers. The variety is because of availability of multi styles boxes but in the shape of the pillow. The variety is as below


Feather pillows


The feather pillows are more comfort-ability. Softness is entailed by the feather pillow. The feather is used in the high quality which provides an attractive look to the product that is being made up by following the patterns of the product characteristics. Downs pills are soft, puffy and supple.


Because of stylish look, the material looks like luxury.  It is known as the popular type of down pillow is European goose down with a full power of 600 and up.


Microbeads pillows


 Are you looking for the material of the pillow boxes that is made up of the tiny beads which are usually called as unexpanded polystyrene? These beads provide hard support.


Buckwheat pillows


Are you looking for natural material in order to make up your pillow boxes of best cause of packaging?  The Buckwheat pillows are manufactured by the material that is extracted from plants.  Buckwheat pillows are filled with husks from buckwheat seeds. These also offer hard support.


Sleep apnea pillows


Polyester fiberfill or foam is used in order to make up these types of pillow. The material is so soft that is used in the process of manufacturing. Thus, it provides softness and whatever will be made up of the material will be soft.


Neck pillows


With a baffle, these pillows are constructed. These are designed to support your spine.

Hair types chart - Fine Hair Vs Combination Hair Vs Coarse Hair

Hairs are the beauty of men as well as for the women. Both man and woman take utmost care in the maintaining of the hair. The beautiful and silky hairs indicate the image of your personality. If your hairs are not in good condition, it will indicate your bad personality. Resultantly, you will not be attractive personality. Silky and shining hairs add the beauty of the person. It gives you comfort as well as confidence. There are different kinds of hairs depends upon the quality and fineness of the hairs such as fine hairs, coarse hairs or the combination of the both fine and coarse. Each type of hair demands the different dealing of the hairs.

Fine hairs will need the different method, tips, and oils. Similarly, coarse hairs will entail accordingly. The finding of your hair quality is necessary because hair extensions are attached to it. The packaging of hair extension is compulsory as it makes the hair extension more splendid and magnificent in the market. We will discuss below the methods of dealing with respect to every type of hairs. Similarly, curly hairs will entail different methods and things needed to make them straight.


Fine hairs


Fine hairs are the good quality hairs which everyone will aspire to have these hairs. Fine hairs are fine quality hairs needs light ways and methods to make them straight as well as dealing. For these types of hairs, you use mostly coconut oil. Coconut oil is light oil which is more suitable oil for the fine hairs. For routine treatment of hairs to make them silkier and shining, hard protein treatment should be applied such as such light protein and moisture conditioner. For massaging of hairs, just use your hands for massage. Be gentle while massaging. For coloring of hairs is concerned, use herbal or natural color on your hairs like henna.


When hairstyle is concerned, do simple protective styles like updos and buns. Braid your hairs and twist them gently. If your hairs are curly, and you want to make it straight, then use heat very infrequently and at very low temperature.


Combination hairs


Combination hairs are composed of both the fine and coarse hairs. It needs special care in its dealing. For these types of hairs, you use mostly olive oils. Olive oil is light oil which is more suitable oil for the combination of hairs. For routine treatment of hairs to make them silkier and shining, light protein treatment should be applied such as such light protein and moisture conditioner. For massaging of hairs, use your hands along with comb for massage. Be gentle while massaging.

For coloring of hairs is concerned, use herbal or regular color on your hairs like henna. When hairstyle is concerned, do simple protective styles like updos and buns; sew INS, braids, twist. If your hairs are curly, and you want to make it straight, then use heat very infrequently and at very low or medium temperature.


Coarse hairs

Coarse hairs are rough hairs and need some special care in its dealing. For these types of hairs, use heavy coating butter, like shea butter. For routine treatment of hairs to make them silkier and shining, use only moisturizer conditioner and steam treatments. For massaging of hairs, use your hands as well as the comb for massage. Be gentle while massaging.


For coloring of hairs is concerned, use herbal or regular color on your hairs. When hairstyle is concerned, do simple protective styles like updos and buns; sew INS, braids, twist. Try more extravagant braid styles but be gentle. If your hairs are curly, and you want to make it straight, then use heat very infrequently and at medium temperature.

You Can Launch a Nail Polish Subscription Business Just Like These Few and Earn a Monthly Recurring Income

Whether you are a lady or you have known a lot of them, you must be aware of one of the most important makeup items in a woman’s arsenal: nail polish. A girl with trendy makeup on her just cannot afford to not have her nails polished red, pink or whatever color she fancies.

The nail polish kind of completes a woman’s look and it is one of the basic essentials of the business. This is the reason why we keep witnessing new and newer makeup companies and nail polish companies joining the already saturated business field and those who leave with considerable losses, are actually very few.

In this blog post, we are going to see how subscription nail polish boxes are the best idea for a new business and why a few nail polish subscription companies are doing so well.

Here you go:


1. Nail Polish Subscription Business


The subscription boxes business is based on two simple models:


Suppose your makeup and nail polish blog has become the authority and niche leader and people have started to trust your opinion and selection, you can announce a subscription box business. You will allow subscribers to a monthly or quarterly subscription and you will send them a box every month, every three months, every year or whenever you plan. The box will be full of nail polish containers and accessories and your customers will get to test new brands until they decide which one to go for.


The other model of subscription-based business is what the nail polish companies can follow. These companies can issue their nail polish subscription box services and let the customer test the small samples of different nail polishes made by the company.

This way the customers will be able to check all samples, they will be able to choose which one to go with, they will start buying that particular polish and company will be making subscription money before it starts selling nail polish to the subscribers-to-be-customers.


2. Leading Nail Polish Subscription Box Companies


Here is a small list of 3 nail polish subscription service companies that send their samples in custom-made boxes for nail polish and they have a big following:


Julep Maven


This is one of the most famous nail polish subscription services. They charge $19 per month and they send out their subscription boxes to their customers once a month with all the samples that they can test. All in all the customers get the products for $19 that they would have paid otherwise $50 or more.

Their way of working is very special and different. When you apply for this subscription, they ask you to go through a personality quiz and on the base of that quiz you get titles like Modern Beauty, Classic with a Twist or Bombshell etc. and you get the items suited to your personality type.

In addition to the nail polishes, you also get a beauty product from the company.


Square Hue


This company costs $21 and their storage boxes of nail polish are simply awesome. They send you subscription boxes based on a different theme and this way every month you get to see a state of the art nail polish subscription box. Also, the color selection is always tailored to the tone of the season.


Color Me Monthly


This company’s services are just as interesting as its name. They charge $7 a month which is actually a very cheap rate for a makeup subscription service. For $7 a month what you get every month is a one exclusive nail polish which is always made in the USA and yes, always 3-Free.

So, this was a breakdown of the nail polish service companies as well as the subscription business models. Choose your style with due diligence and proper care as well as market research.

Paper Carry Bags: The Creative Activity That Pays Off

Everyone needs something to get busy with, relieve the stress, bring their creative self out and, if possible, make some money out of it. The classic example of this is those artists who play violin in public or simply make portraits of the people passing by them and make money out of it.

You have to find something to possess you unless you want to let negativity to do this to you. This blog post is all about getting busy with something artistic as well as of real value in the real world.

Let us talk about paper carry bags for example. People love to buy handmade paper items e.g. greeting cards, gift boxes, and other stuff. This other stuff includes the handmade paper bags that people pay money to get and you can start learning to make those bags and make a fortune out of it.

This is a step by step process of making awesome paper carry bags out of paper stock and you will learn to use the given materials in a precise and guided way.

Let us discover:


1. Materials


Here is the list of materials which are used in making of those wholesale paper carry bags that you have been watching in stores and wondering how they are made:

  • A paper stock sheet of your favorite base color for paper carry bags
  • Some other paper stock sheets of different colors
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Bone folder

2. Process


Here is the step by step process to make the first perfect paper carry bag. If you perfect this art, you can add a lot of other details to your work, that I will discuss at the end of this blog post:

  • Use the scale to take the measurements and decide as to what is going to be the size of your paper bag
  • Cut out one big piece of paper stock (one that you intend to use for the base of the paper bag)
  • Use the bone folder to score the paper sheet on one of the long sides – it should be scored at half an inch
  • Bend the paper from one short side to the other, making sure that you leave a half inch margin
  • Press along the curved side to make it look like one piece of cardstock
  • Now open the cardstock/paper and apply glue to the half inch scored length (not the margin that you left)
  • After the glue is applied, bend that half inch scored length and paste it to the base of the paper stock
  • Once glued and pasted perfectly, bend paper stock again to make it half the length of the actual sheet; this you do to turn it from paper stock to paper bag
  • Now you will deal with the marine that you left; apply glue to it and bend it over to paste it with the rest of the stock
  • Take one open side, bend it for 1 ½ inch and press the sides of the bend to make a boat like a feature
  • Apply to the other side as well, and then bring both vertical edges together and glue them together
  • This will form the bottom of your paper bag
  • Wait for the glue to dry, then turn both sides vertical sides of the paper bag roughly an inch inward, reinforce with the bone folder and then bend them inch outward and repeat the process of reinforcing
  • Now slide your hand through the opening of the bag and move sideways to see that the bag is a bit fluffy and open to let any item packed inside it
  • Now, go to the bottom, and play with it to turn it into a flat paper bag bottom
  • Now get a colored paper sheet to make the handles of your bag
  • Cut two half-inch thin and 6 inch long lengths
  • Apply glue to both sides of both handles and paste both sides of both handles to the inside of the box on both opening ends
  • Press with hand and wait for a few seconds to let the handles have the good grip on the paper stock

Job did! You have made the first paper bag of your life and that too without any mistake, and I bet it looks good. Now let us decorate it:

  • Get the colored paper sheets that you chose for the decoration
  • Cut out some shapes e.g. heart, star, moon, sunflower or any other flower etc.
  • Apply glue to the shapes and paste them proportionately on both sides of the bag
  • You can also use colors in contrast; choose two sheets of light and dark colors, cut out the shapes, the dark shape will be small and glued to the big light-colored shape and the big light-colored shape will be glued to the bag

This is it. However, you can easily modify this process. You can also choose to add embellishments like ribbons, laces, and motifs etc. As much expensive as your bag will be, you will be capitalizing on it and the price will go high. This means more income with little-added impact.

Improve Life through Corrugated Boxes

Key holder:


Dad owned a restaurant which he had to inherit through his own father quite some years back, both grandad and him loved their times at the place. They used to cook new recipes, meeting new/old clients and reviving the menu constantly to keep their consumers entertained and wanting more. He used to always say staring into the depths of my eyes “Son I can’t wait for you to come and joining us in this family business, enhancing the experience even further.”

The time felt so far away from my 18th birthday when my grandfather handed me the key to the main kitchen of the restaurant and proclaimed it to be my new baby. It actually felt more special than my first car or my first kiss.




I thanked my grandad and hugged my dad but gave the keys back as the rightful owner was them, they were so proud they promised to name the restaurant on my behalf the following year.


Game changer:


The day I finally joined my father and grandfather in the business, I fell in love with the idea of feeding people and earning praises as a living. So I learned from the best down dirty and bottom. Learned how to wash dishes, clean the floor, set up tables. Then I evolved into placing orders, taking orders and helping customers get what they want. Slowly but surely I worked my way to the kitchen which I was most excited for and therefore learned so much that even my father was impressed and kind of scared as I was becoming a very orderly oriented man.




After months into my training, I was given the opportunity to become a head manager, and that is where I truly shined as working from down under had proved that I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. I was strict but fair and had to manage more than just the workers; I had to manage money, chefs, customers and had to manage time in order to get the consumer what they want in an orderly fashion.


Managers Gala:


The biggest opportunity arose when we held a gala for the mayor of our town honoring him to be a part of our township for over a decade now. I had everything prepped to the best of my abilities even forcing my dad to be the head of the kitchen for the night so nothing would go wrong, he wanted to be a part of the gala but I insisted as it would do wonders for our business. I would have loved to help him but I had yet to learn cooking and the ins and outs of the kitchen. My grandad, on the other hand, was a special guest as he was the mayor’s best friend from childhood. We started off the night with serving appetizers while the speech ceremony has begun.

The last speech right before dinner was my grandfather’s and boy did he give a moving speech. He had the whole restaurant laughing, quiet and then in tears through his life motivation and impact on the mayor’s life. He shared how they used to share bread during lunch time, study under night lamps and support each other throughout their rough youth. He discussed how they were obliged to go to war and luckily were in the same batch to always protect each other till this very day.




Even the mayor had tears in his eyes; Grandfather thanked everyone and left the mic as if he dropped it. A roar of cheers and applaud followed as it might just have been the best speech someone had ever given to an audience.


Food Tactics:


Now that the dust had settled it was time for the main course, we, of course, started off with cutting a massive cake for the mayor in his honor. It was truly massive and delicious, even though it was not made by us I was thrown away by its taste and creativity. The main course consisted of 2 types of meat, either seafood which had lobster as the main, and chicken, which was steamed breasts as the main. They followed with mashed potatoes, cheesy rice, braised greens and cracked pepper dinner rolls. This would follow with white or red wine and for dessert Toffee crunch cake.



The presentation was spot on now I just had to wait for the audience to taste it and give us their final say. The mayor was the first one to stand up in the middle of his meal and yell out to everyone “Is this not the best place to eat, ever?” the audience all busy eating applauded one by one. That’s when I called my father out and told the entire restaurant to thank him. He quickly announced that he had corrugated boxes in case anyone had leftovers to take home and share with their families.

Everyone laughed and continued eating their delicious meal.

Making Toy Boxes at Home Was Never So Easy

From Buzz Light Year to Barbie, every toy deserves a home and that home most of the times is, unfortunately, an ugly and shabby corrugated box with its corners worn off, grease and dirt and what not on it.

And yes, I forgot to mention that most of the times the bottom layers of such boxes are already bending on the outside because of the frequent load that people put in these kinds of boxes.




Let us not talk about this since this is not the only reason why toys need the better home. If your kids love their toys and if you love your kids, it is kind of a duty to find out some better toy boxes for your kids.

In order to do so, either you will have to buy expensive toy boxes made by the companies that live off of people’s love for their kids and their toys, or you will have to wake up your creative self, pull your socks up, turn your sleeves and go to the shed until you come out with a sense of accomplishment and an awesome box for your kids playmates.

In this blog post, I am going to show you the techniques that best of the toy subscription boxes companies use and how they come up with so exciting and awesome toy boxes.

Let us have a look:


1. Why Are Toy Subscription Boxes so Good?


The toy subscription boxes are meant to lure kids into becoming the permanent customers of such websites and subscription companies. Kids are the most vulnerable customers and once they are convinced that something is good and they want it, and it is always easy to convince them, they know how to deal with parents and force them to get their kids what they want.

Toy subscription boxes had to be amazingly good to lure those kids and parents into becoming the permanent subscribers because no kid or parents would love to subscribe for the boxes which are not attractive, fancy and durable.


So what do they do to the toy boxes? They make them funny, they add the photos of the famous Disney characters to the box and they definitely make sure that either the box is a rigid box with capacity to bear the wear and tear, or it is made of corrugated fiberboard sheets which make it easy for the box to not only protect the products but also to bear with the careless and rough handling of the kids.


2. How to Make Your Kid Toy Boxes?


Everyone wants to make their kids happy and let me tell you that the best type of kids are those who take care of their little toys, make their bed and maintain the tidiness. And this sort of kids cannot be pleased unless you make them awesome toy boxes to keep their toys neat, clean, organized and safe.

In this part we are going to see how to make toy boxes for your kids; toy boxes which will not only look just as good as high-quality toy boxes for sale but which will be personalized for your kids.


A. Material


Here is the list of all of the materials that you are going to use for this project:

  • Printed wrapping sheet with the images of Disney characters
  • If you cannot find such a wrapping sheet, just get any wrapping sheet with vibrant colors and fancy characters
  • Use the cutouts or printouts of Disney characters and paste them on the sheet
  • Get a simple, but sound and new corrugated fiberboard box from either your home or from some company that has enough of them sitting in archive room
  • Get scissors, scale, tape, and glue
  • Get googly eyes
  • Get colored paper sheets




Here is the step by step process of making the best type of toy box for your kid:

  • Apply the double tape to wrap the wrapping paper around the box and make sure that you do not leave a crease.
  • If the wrapping paper did not include the Disney characters, get their printouts and paste on the box (with wrapping paper on it) while making sure that you evenly distribute them to all sides of the box
  • Repeat the same procedure to the lid
  • There should be wrapping paper and cartoon characters on all sided and the lid
  • Now use the colored paper (yellow, blue, red, white) and make shapes of funny characters from cartoon movies e.g. Minions and Angry birds
  • Paste the googly eyes on the faces of the funny characters that you make with help of colored sheets

And that is it. If you want to go further you can use a transparent plastic sheet, make a hole (square or round etc.) in the lid and paste the plastic sheet inside to enable your kid to see through the lid and have a look at their toys.

People love their kids just as much as kids love toys. Make sure that you express your love by showing care for something that they love: toys.